Where your Winery Meets The Metaverse

Give your customers  an immersive and interactive experience: allow them to delve into your company's history and production traditions

Bridging the physical and digital worlds to showcase your creativity and passion.


Maximize business opportunities
Expand your online presence and reach a broader audience./Expand your fanbase and conquer the internet!
Take your web presence to the next level
Amaze your target audience with an immersive experience in your cellar thanks to the 3D visit.
Bridge the gap
Allow everyone to experience your reality, anywhere, anytime
A unique visitors experience
Offer live or recorded tastings to showcase your best labels.

Recreate your winery and
unleash your creativity

With our tools, you can now recreate your physical spaces with ease. Whether it's your cellar, exhibition room, or tasting room, you can bring it to life in the metaverse


Set up your own space

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Choose the ideal space and create your winery's rooms.
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Set up your space in a snap with the drag and drop feature
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Create your engaging and functional 3D space

Enhance your digital venue with unique elements

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Customize bottles to match your brand
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Share a range of multimedia content, such as images and videos
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Engage with customers and partners through chat and host virtual events

Arrange  interactive guided tours

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Create guided tours to lead your guests through your winery
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Place animated avatars and objects along the way
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Showcase and sell your products directly through the platform

Start now

Transform your winery into an unforgettable experience with MetaWinery

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Invite your customers on a breathtaking adventure to explore the world of wine!

Effortlessly gain access to:

Visits (desktop, mobile and 3D viewers)
Customized avatars
Informative material download to find out more about products
Interactions with others and with the venue
Live or recorded wine tastings, meetings, presentations and events
Free or guided virtual tours
Will I need a designer or special IT knowledge to set up my space?

No, a tutorial will help you understand how to set up your space in a few clicks.

Can you design and set up my space?

For an extra cost, you can entrust us with the design and setup of your winery. Contact us for a quotation.

Do I Need to Manage My Virtual Winery?

After your virtual winery is up and running, it won't require any maintenance. It's up to you to decide whether to organize events, personally greet customers with your avatar, or make minor alterations and updates.

What level of customization can I expect?

You will have complete control over every aspect of your environment, including materials, colors, furnishings, room styles, and shapes. Additionally, you can select the placement of windows and portals, upload multimedia content such as images, presentations, video and audio files, avatars, and showcase your best labels. You even have the ability to set a guided tour for your visitors.

What space options do I have?

You can choose between three different sizes: 9x9m2, 18x18m2, 18x9m2, per room. The good news is that you can have an infinite number of rooms, depending on your needs.

How do my customers access my virtual winery?

Your customers can access your virtual cellar by clicking on a link. Whether they are on a mobile device, iPad, or computer, they can easily enter your virtual space.

Can I interact with my visitors?

Yes, you can communicate with any registered user through our integrated messaging system.

Can I create bottles with my own label?

Yes, with a simple click you can upload your labels as well as customize the bottles.