Your Ready to Go Virtual Event

Organize your virtual event, customize and set up your spaces in just a few clicks.

EVENTS is the end-to-end solution for organizing virtual events in the Metaverse.


Organize your event, reducing the costs of in-person events
Visitor and exhibitors  join the event without travel, ensuring maximum engagement.
Organize games and build paths, ensuring higher audience engagement.
Organize games and build paths, ensuring higher audience engagement.

Our customers love how easy is to build and host a 3D event with us

Una fantastica esperienza 3D! Abbiamo organizzato un evento virtuale per presentare le nostre startup! Tutti i fondatori hanno avuto l'opportunità di creare il proprio "stand" completamente personalizzato e interagire perfettamente con altri imprenditori. Hanno avuto l'opportunità di mostrare il loro materiale marketing e chattare con i visitatori.

Luca Pignatti

Feedel Ventures CEO
Non vediamo l'ora dei prossimi eventi virtuali 3D. Dopo la prima entusiasmante edizione di ViniVex, in cui abbiamo potuto presentare cantine grazie a video-degustazioni e approfondire territori e denominazioni con i nostri webinar live, siamo pronti per il prossimo ViniVex per raccontare ancora meglio i produttori e le loro storie.

Silvia Pedrotti

Fisar Milano Duomo President
Una fiera vera, e soprattutto autentica, che ha la possibilità di coinvolgere visitatori da tutto il mondo. Noi dell'azienda “La Valle” ringraziamo, Vinivex è una proiezione verso il futuro dove la distanza, la condivisione e l'incontro sono modi reali possibili.

Francesca, Euguenio e Cristina Pezzola

La Valle
È stato un vero piacere vivere l'emozione della mia prima fiera virtuale. Ringrazio tutti gli organizzatori della fiera ViniVex, che sono stati sempre disponibili e attenti a far sì che questa mia prima esperienza andasse bene e che i visitatori si interessassero al mio mondo, il mondo del vino

Francesca Marastoni

FM Wines
Really well organized, for a moment it made us forget the absence of personal relationships. Easy to navigate for users, interesting webinars and very well done tasting videos with Fisar sommeliers, communication with companies thanks to chatis really simple and intuitive.

Francesco Cantini

Azienda Agricola Piombaia
A fair proud to be fair … real indeed! Not just a stand, not only the opportunity to visit a “real” fair, but also to have visitors from all over the world: Poland, Albania, Mexico are just some of the many countries that have contacted us. A reality that greatly anticipates something that could become normality.

Giovanni Malacari

Cantina Malacari Vini del Salento

Organize your virtual event in the metaverse with EVENTS

V-Expo supports you in preparing and setting up your virtual or hybrid event with our event management platform


Set up your  virtual space in a second

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Add exhibition halls, booths, or conference rooms and networking areas
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Personalize common areas with logos and ads from partner companies.
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Provide exhibitors access to customize their booths

Offer engaging interaction

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Customizable and interactive 3D avatars
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Visitor-Exhibitor Chat and Notifications
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Connect from desktop, mobile, or VR
Event management
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Event Registration
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Manager Role: admin, expositors and vendor
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Space Builder
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Events Sponsorships
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Event Reportins
Virtual event
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Virtual Environment
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Virtual Exhibit Hall
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Live Conference
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Chat & Networking area
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Customer support
Features for Visitors

Provide an immersive experience for your customers.

Free or guided tours of spaces on desktop, mobile, and with VR headsets.
Avatar customization.
Download informational materials.
Interaction with other users.
Online shopping
Participation in live or recorded conferences


Experience the future of virtual events with EVENTS!
Request a demo now and discover how you can elevate your events in the Metaverse.

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Will I need a designer or specific computer skills to set up my space?

No, as an event manager, you will have access to the software to set up your space (add or remove exhibition halls, conference rooms, individual booths) and assign qualifications to your clients, such as stand editor, to allow them to set up their own space.

Can you design and set up my event?

For an additional cost, you can entrust us with the design and setup of your event. Contact us for a quote.

What kind of customization can I expect?

You can customize exhibition halls and conference rooms with banners, billboards, and 3D products from your partners. Each room will be unique as exhibitor booths are fully customizable, ensuring strong differentiation and expression of each brand's identity.

How much space can I have?

The space is potentially infinite. You can "open" ... halls. The booths per room will be a maximum of ... based on the size of the booths inserted.

How do my exhibitors customize their booths?

You will assign credentials to individual clients through the event management software with the required roles, granting them access to the booth creation and setup software.

How do visitors access the event?

Through a link, your visitors will have access to your virtual spaces, from mobile, iPad, and computer.

Can I interact with my visitors?

Certainly. Through the integrated messaging system, you can chat with any registered user.